Today was a special day 

Today was kind of a special day because of several reasons, though it may just all be in my head. 

To begin, I’ve started writing features for The Planet again and that gives me a sense of purpose because they’re always about something meaningful- like in the past creativity in small towns, and alcoholism. And now, about protecting the wolves in Yellowstone. 

And then I saw an old boss from California who I’d always considered to be pretty intelligent, funny and thoughtful. He’s passing through with his family and got to meet Dakota, and just a few minutes with someone who has impacted your life (he did give me a quality bicycle once when I really needed a good bicycle) can make all the difference.

He hinted that he has read some of my blog and as much as I want to write and share my writing it makes me nervous that I am so open and honest on here so I kind (which I guess is kind of funny) so I kind of want people to pretend they know nothing whatsoever about it.
I also got a Facebook response from one of my favorite authors and I can tell you, after several attempts over several years to contact famous writers I admired, that NEVER happens. But then it did. AJ Jacobs is going to read my book and AJ, sorry in advance.

My mom is still annoying but she’s still my mom and I love her and I love seeing her with Dakota.

And then Charley called. He went to detox. He’s so sorry again. So ashamed. Words are only useful in beautiful books written by authors I can admire and unabashedly message via Facebook messenger. Actions are where it’s at. So we’ll see what actions ensue. Meanwhile, Dakota is amazing. She loves her new dinosaurs. She is her mother’s daughter.