Ode to pets

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how great animals are? I have four right now, not counting my husband and daughter. There’s Duke, the youngest and quite possibly the craziest. He’s part collie and pit, and can jump over 6-foot fences. Miyoki is an 8-year-old, grumpy cat. Lady is a sassy terrier/chihuahua/mini pin mutt, and Freyja is a high strung but incredibly loyal mini aussie. This is my family. I was bickering with two of them for arguing over a bone and I realized that this family unit won’t be like this for several decades. I guess that’s not possible with animals. I never was allowed to have them growing up (if you don’t count a summer with guinea pigs). I sometimes forget they’re not human. I love them so. 

And then there’s Zia, my sweet white cat, and Einstein; you two are in kitty heaven and always part of my family. I love you. 

Maybe it’s the animal in you, but the intuition and tenderness of this family is more than most humans can bear. I suppose I’m lucky and I’ll never forget this time- when I was broke and sad and yet surrounded by love and lucky for it.