It’s tough getting your writing out there if you’re not well immersed in the literary networking scene, or rich, or dating a publisher, or Ivanka Trump. It’s tough writing an author you admire and think would resonate with your book only to have them eventually write back to thank you for your message but admit that they have a pile of books to read and yours will never be in that pile. It’s somewhat bothersome to delete 826,172,518 rejections. However, writing is fun and it’s important to continue to have fun as life presents us with epic bills, complicated marriages and humiliating daily social interactions. 

You know what else is fun? Forgetting the message from the famous author you probably shouldn’t have written to in the first place (I mean, who do you think you are anyway?) and hiding your head under bath water until all of the bubbles congregate above your mouth and make the perfect bubble beard to model for your dog at midnight.

addendum: a bath ends abruptly when a spider is found floating by your toes