Do you ever wait for 10 seconds too long for Netflix to load and have an existential crisis? This is what I thought: we rush into things and think our lives are filling up with inevitable failures but maybe they’re just stepping stones to something greater.

My husband’s ex baby mama wrote me a message on Facebook which was such peculiar timing after what happened last night what with getting hit on the head for waking him up to see my humble DNA results from AncestryDNA- god forbid- and she just basically urged me to get out of an unhealthy situation if I needed to for my sake and Dakota’s sake, but also how much it sucks to be a single mom. 

I am sitting here still chewing on the Sunday NY Times and my DNA results (does this mean I should go back to England?) And I reedited my book to change names and give the majority of the people and places in it more privacy and also protect myself from being sued in case anyone reads the darn thing. Anyway here is a link to it again: