How to be a real journalist 

You have a legit degree in the field and you’re a gifted writer, but your mom still nags you to write children’s books. What are you going to shut her up? How are you going to enter the big leagues of journalism?

I’m not telling you how to write. What’s more important is what you look like to your copyeditor. Are you versatile? Are you extroverted enough? Did you say the right, un-biased thing in the right, un-biased manner?

This is what you need to know to be a REAL journalist today:

Wear colorful scarves. When you enter the workplace in brown or black every day you start to look like a morose English teacher. 

You are NOT an English teacher. 

You are an active, exciting journalist. You have to dress the part and that includes colorful, and sometimes patterned scarves to hide the melancholic nature of your wardrobe.

If you can master the art of not looking like a sad nerd, you can definitely do this: Be confident. Talk louder, (but if you are a woman not top loud, look how much heat Hillary is getting for that), stand taller and chew gum. 

If you chew gum you can keep your mouth busy and you won’t look sedentary, which is the ultimate buzzkill.
Remember that editors are boring and rely on journalists for content and drama. So be mysterious. 

The greatest dramas come from mystery and you, my friend, are the Sherlock-ArchimedesChief Joseph of the newsroom. 

Keep them guessing, flaunt your scarf and basically be the journalism God your creative writing professor warned you about.