Thanks, Obama

Donald Trump, echoing Moscow, maintains Obama founded ISIS. There has been a lot of controversy lately (in the past eight years) surrounding Obama and who he really is and what he really does. I investigated far and wide to find some answers:

“His campaigns were funded by drug money.”

“Obama has a fake birth certificate.”

“He was born in Kenya.”

“He killed his grandma to cover up his birth.”

“He’s in league with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“His real dad was Malcolm X.”

“He wrote anti-Semitic poetry.”

“He had a nose job.”

“He won’t say the Pledge of Allegiance.” 

“He caused the recession in 1995.”

“He’s a lizard.”

“He created the Taliban, the Mongol Hordes and the 1968 riots.”

“He decorated the Oval Office in a Mideast style.”

Thanks Obama.

There are more than 5 million well sourced examples of Obama breaking the law, lying and being all-round corrupt as hell.

“He’s coming for our guns, gold, farms, IRAs!”

One undeniable, inescapable truth? His half-brother is voting for Trump. Why would he do that? 

“I like Donald Trump because he speaks from his [shriveled up, gray, pussy prune] heart.”

If Trump somehow becomes president (because he’s working with the Clintons, who are also lizards, secretly behind everyone’s back) then we know who to thank: