Lesser known Pinterest boards

You love pinning recipes and sharing fashion and crochet designs but sure, sometimes Pinterest feels like Facebook: regurgitated memes, ad-smothered suggestions and babies. Perhaps you’re not searching hard enough. Check out some of these lesser known but visionary-af boards you should know about to broaden your Pinterest experience now:

Paleo politics: Dialogue like the cavemen circa 10 million-plus years ago, complete with recipes for Semi-digested Contents of Animals and Warm Curdled Milk From the Stomach of a Suckling Calf (Donald Trump has this down to a science).

Bird ballet: Birds but they’re doing ballet. Abyssinian lovebirds dance Cinderella. Hairy woodpeckers dance Coppelia. Chickadees dance La Bayadere. Barn swallows dance Ondine.

Camping tattoo: Forget cliche thigh flowers and tribal neck tattoos. This is a whole new level of thoughtful ink for the mountain wanderer. When you’re out in the woods cooking beans in your camping pot, what makes you feel alive? Who are you? These tats inspire awareness of your personal identity away from the distractions of skyscrapers, Uber, iPhones and Starbucks.

Breast knitting: Etsy-inspired homemade, grass-fed, organic and sustainable bras for every goddess in need of support. Also featured are hobble skirts in pesticide-free, recycled polyester and 15th-Century inspired codpieces in raw hemp.

Eyeless Dollhead: The quintessential Pinterest authority on creepy dolls, this board runs the gamut from voodoo zombie dolls to haunted baby dolls with French names to Palau Ubin Barbie (once requested by a dead girl beyond the grave) to Elmo.

Do not be burdened by the Candy Crushers of Pinterest – seek the fringe rebel pinners. They are out there and they are fierce.