Not entirely morbid thoughts on death

My old piano teacher passed awaya few days ago, my nana is sick and I myself have been in the hospital for a week with preeclampsia, a condition that may have killed me and my unborn baby 50 years ago. So I’ve had death on my mind. It’s something we all think about on a daily basis when we cross an angry driver at an intersection or pass an old person waddling out of a funeral home. 
It got me thinking, social media isn’t performance art and we’re all going to be dead in 100 years. And I started thinking (when the doctor would leave me in the hospital room by myself waiting to be seen so that I could think about my death for a long time) about a lot of other things too, like: 
Maybe life’s a game where your primary objective is finding meaning and the will and strength to live many years before dying in a tragic accident. Because if you die in a tragic accident then worms eat your body. But when I die I’m going to do something totally crazy like nourish a flower.
Terrifying if literal: Eating myself to death. And ’till death do us part’ has probably caused a number of homicides over the years. And isn’t it weird that a person who will die tomorrow is currently drinking beer and thinking about a tv show? And maybe nothing ever will make sense, and then you write a book about it and then you die. My greatest accomplishment in life? Probably not dying yet.