Artists Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair established the Pony Express bathhouse to speculate on how “ecosexuality,” or interacting sensually with your environment, is beneficial for the environment. They said, “Sex sells, and if humans can learn to love the environment, maybe they can learn to preserve it.”

The project is located in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne and includes such sexually explicit acts as sinking your arms into a composting glory hole, expressions disguised by a mesh mask of sprouting seeds incubated by each person’s breath. The project also includes slithering dances, drool, bathtubs of worms and dirt, human BDSM make-out sessions with head plants and good old-fashioned sex trees.

Where are people going with this? Somewhere between ethics, identity and sexuality, between Donald Trump diehard consumers and the 30-year old woman who has sex with a tree named “Tim,” I am inspired to find out more about this subculture that exists on the outer recesses of our society hoping to blur the lines between bark and skin for the greater good of our green planet.

Scouring for more information I have found that ecosexuality is a real thing. Delving a step beyond the brotherly love and experimentation of Burning Man and the Oregon Country Fair we have reached a bridge with the biosphere. If you want to fuck sprouts, why not fuck sprouts? Cult or performance art, issues of consent and compatibility arise, and with them a shift in perspectives. Lovers want to approach a new way of connecting with the earth, and phone sex with a primeval swamp is not out of the question.


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