So you follow Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram and you want to date one of the hot dudes, or a similar hot dude, in real life? No problem. You look like an Ebola patient with feathered bangs? Still no problem. These are readers, first and foremost, and they just happen to be hot dudes. Here’s how to make one of them yours.

First you need to love yourself. No more of this morose, Jane Eyre melancholic shit. Stand tall, smile and be confident with your nasally, greasy-faced, monotone, ice-cream-obsessed, Netflix-addicted self. Wear a splash of color and something eccentric that can spark a conversation, preferably about literature or polka dots.

Look approachable – this is all about body language – and flirt. Ask something basic like, “Do you read often?” or personable like “Do you think I’m weird?” or classic like “What time is it?” or daring like “I like your eyes. Did they come from your mom or dad? What’s your middle name? Do you smell like a forest? Can I lick your face?”

Or you could just be in hot dude’s general vicinity with a cappuccino and a welcoming smile, and when he inevitably approaches you (and your eccentric piece of clothing that begs for further conversation) to ask, “Is that Moby Dick on your shirt?”

You will coyly take off your glasses, swivel them around your finger and reply, “Haha yeah I thought you said mobile dick.” You two laugh and everything is right on track to hot dude reading with you.

If that doesn’t work, there’s always Hot Men Drinking Coffee.