Thanks for the advice, people who don’t know anything 

Everyone has advice for everyone else all of the time. We are constantly walking around and judging the hell out of ourselves and the people around us. We think, “Please don’t fuck him he can’t spell,” and “Please don’t say synergy,” and “You should stick to Zumba” and “Please don’t genetically modify my apples and potatoes.” We have warranted advice and then we have everything else: bad judgement.
When we think about what we’re thinking, though, we have to also acknowledge that we are idiots. We give ourselves advice and we often don’t know what we’re talking about. We give friends advice because we have to respond when they whine about lovers, but we really don’t know if they should stay or leave. Aggressively beaten upon unsuspecting bystanders or not, advice is, 98 percent of the time, useless, misleading, illogical and dangerous.
So how to weed out the good 2 percent from the rotten advice we give or receive? First, ask yourself, “Is this advice-giver sober? Over 20? A real friend?” If yes, continue.
“Does it include inspirational quotes and words like ‘always’ and ‘never’?” If yes, stop.
“Is this advice-giver actually miserable?” If this is mostly yes, then stop.
“Is the advice concrete? Does it lead to some real action?” If yes then it may be in the 2 percent, but I doubt it because let’s face it, the more judgmental and chatty a person is about what you need, the more they usually are self-loathing, messy individuals and should be in a deprivation tank thinking about their own gloom.
My only advice: know that we are all idiots.