When you get home from a long day at work you are likely to:

a. sing by moonlight at your window

b. wrestle 

c. write love letters

d. take off your pants and put on your magic robes

When someone infuriates you with their ignorance, you’re most likely to respond:

a. “methought I was enamor’d of an ass”

b. “I will not be troubled with you, you old dog”

c. “what a plague”

d. “monster”

You relate most to:

a. fairies

b. shepherds

c. sea captains

d. airy spirits

In your opinion, love is:

a. Cupid’s flower

b. merely a madness

c. a throne

d. diffusest honey drops and refreshing showers

You’d rather live:

a. in a flower garden

b. in the forest

c. in a coastal village

d. on a deserted island

Your favorite sport is:

a. compassing the globe

b. mocking the good housewife, Fortune

c. digging your grave

d. chasing ebbing Neptune

You are most easily offended by:

a. shadows

b. slow wit

c. drunken belligerence

d. madness

Friends have called you:

a. a grisly beast

b. gentle, strong and valiant

c. a little villain

d. a born devil

If you answered mostly A’s you are “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” practically a woodland creature, occasionally cruel and surprisingly shrewd.

If you answered B’s you are “As You Like It,” melancholic and pensive; prone to bouts of devastating romance.

If you answered C’s you are “Twelfth Night,” a little insane but often an entertaining delight.

If you answered D’s you are “The Tempest,” tragicomic and magical. You’re a sorcerer and fierce spirit at your finest.