There are so many places to get married. Church? Boring. Your dad’s house? Boring. Vegas? Overdone and boring. Here are some new, less conventional places to tie the knot:
The Jimmy Carter Peanut Statue in Georgia. It honors the peanut-farmer turned president and can stand as a symbol for your own transformation from single loser to married loser.


Maryland’s God’s Ark of Safety. It’s a bundle of steel and concrete, but perhaps, in its raw simplicity and potential for growth, it represents the boundless future of your serendipitous partnership.

Your bathroom. This is where you clean, relax, eat, read and tweet. Why not get married here too? Something small and intimate. Bubble bath optional.
An abandoned doll factory in Spain. The dolls look like they want to kill you. Your new hubby will hug you close, love you up and, overwhelmed with fear, never let you go.


The Bermuda Triangle Shipwrecks. Swim around sunken ships. Exchange rings on rusty remains. What is more romantic than starting new life amidst stagnant wreckage?
Haunted Hill in Tupelo, Mississippi. This is considered one of the most frightening haunted houses in the world, with flaming towers, gothic columns, black hearses, a hall of ghouls and glass encased grave. If you survive Haunted Hill you can survive the general annoyances of marriage.


Why not just get married in an old farm? If it’s been forgotten but it used to house children, cows and chickens, than there is a good chance you could just camp out here and honeymoon after you exchange vows. A perfect getaway and start to a new life.