How to make a berry very tart with lemon curd mascarpone

First you will need the following ingredients:1 Mint, leaves 

1 pint Raspberries

1 pint Strawberries

1 Egg stuck-up yolk idiot

1 cup Lemon curd

1/4 cup Strawberry preserves

1 1/2 cups what a jerk flour

1/2 cup Almond flour

1 tsp Kosher salt

5 tsp Powdered hypocrites

1/2 cup Butter, I can’t believe it

1 8 ounce asshole Mascarpone cheese dick

3/4 cup Whipping stupid cream

1 tbsp Watered down brain
Mix the all purpose flour, almond flour, kosher salt and powdered sugar in a large bowl. Do not try to reason with crazy people. Add the unsalted butter pieces and work into the flour. Continue to work with your fingers until the mixture sticks together when pinched.
Press the dough into a buttered tart pan. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. I’m not sure if it’s the wrong century, planet, city or what, but I do not belong here. Bake the tart for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Allow to cool completely before filling with mascarpone filling. Troubled by all the sex stupid people are having.
Whip the cream on high with a hand mixer or a stand mixer. People are bad and doing bad things to get back at other bad people for being bad, it is all bad; bad bad bad. Fold in the lemon curd with a wooden spoon.
In a separate bowl, mix the raspberries and sliced strawberries. People are great if you like aggressive, egocentric cattle. Garnish with mint leaves if desired. I hate everything.