Looking into the future of a Donald Trump presidency

*With Donald Trump looking like the GOP’s horrifying eventual candidate, we asked some tweeters about a hypothetical Trump future:*

“In four years Trump will build a complete dome over the contiguous US blocking out the sun completely and paving the way for the Trump Energy Concern and Vitamin D Manufacturing Corporation, totally eliminating our dependence on foreign spheres of nuclear gas.” -[@Mike_Bianchi](https://twitter.com/Mike_Bianchi), NJ
“I’d have to report to the nearest center when he starts rounding all the black people up and bringing back slavery … I could see WWIII, Cyberdyne systems going live, Professor X sending Wolverine back in time to stop him; basically the end of days.” -[@marcusthetoken](https://twitter.com/marcusthetoken), AZ
“As a foreign immigrant and visible minority, I’d probably be forced to go back to Canada. We’ll see a lot more time travelers from the future. They will solemnly say: ‘we cannot intervene … we have been sent back simply to … observe.’ ” -[@jonnysun](https://twitter.com/jonnysun), MA
“My fallout shelter is prepared to sustain up to four average-sized humans and two dogs for upwards of six years. As long as he doesn’t destroy Netflix, my six dogs and I will be completely fine throughout his term.” -[@elle91](https://twitter.com/elle91), IL
“I would probably cash out my 401(k) and trade for gold bars. Stock up on survivalist stuff. When nuclear war breaks out, I want to be ready.” -[@donni](https://twitter.com/donni), IL
“I think he’ll probably chill the f out and say his ‘previous actions and statements were all marketing’ … nothing irreparable will happen … my major concern will be who he inspires to run next election. Will we see pop-stars throw their hat in?” -[@mattdaviss](https://twitter.com/mattdaviss), AK


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