Zen and the art of not being single anymore

Being single is a gift. It’s good fortune having the freedom to be lonely, the time to be introspective and the capacity for great emotions in a time of solitude. 
When you do eventually meet a special man or lady, you may find that you are having to not only explore who you are as a person but who you are as a person with another person. This can be a totally different way of looking at yourself and coming to terms with how to live. In this concise prose I’d like to relay a few vital habits to retaining zen in the midst of the transformative experience of losing solitude. 
Acceptance is vital to preserving your zen when poked and prodded by the individual slowly weaseling their way into your life. For a tranquil cohabitation you will have to accept the toilet seat occasionally being up. You will have to accept never-ending dirty dishes, clothes on the floor, missing laundry quarters, food will disappear, beer bottles on your book shelves, dirty socks on the bathroom floor and little chin hairs in the sink. Accept him for the lazy, dirty man he is or end it.
Love can change how we act but not who we are. You like old movies. He likes video games. You like John Coltrane. He likes Metallica. You like yoga and Twitter. He likes snowboarding and Facebook. But this is love so how do you coexist? Replace your feelings with jokes. Take off your pants. Pretend you like feeling a little miserable all the time. If all else fails, write a book about it. Sex.