A tailor-made book for every personality type

The perfect book for every personality based on the 16 personality types of Myers-Briggs. Consider self-knowledge the first step to self-improvement. Tests are found online, but here is a break-down:
Analysts:The INTJ or architect (imaginative and strategic robots), the INTP or logician (frou frou inventors), the ENTJ or commander (bold, imaginative and insecure social climbers), and ENTP or debater (curious and unreliable extroverts). Architects, read “How to Say Goodbye in Robot” by Standiford. Logicians, start with “The Big Book of Weirdos” by Posey. Commanders, read “Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber” by Lang. And debaters? “The Flake Filter” by Unwin.
Diplomats: The INFJ or advocate (quiet and mystical enigmas), the INFP or mediator (poetic, emotionally volatile idealists), the ENFJ or protagonist (charismatic and inspiring whatevers), and the ENFP or campaigner (enthusiastic and flaky spirits). Advocates, read “Ambivalent Zen” by Shainberg. Mediators, check out “Why Smart People Hurt” by Maisel. Protagonists, read Carnegie’s “Make Yourself Unforgettable”. Campaigners’ go-to is “Predictably Irrational” by Ariely.
Sentinels: The ISTJ or logistician (practical, amoral), the ISFJ or defender (shallow protectors), the ESTJ or executive (clueless administrators, think Bush), and the ESFJ or consul (popular naggers). Logisticians, read “Being Amoral” by Schramme. Defenders and executives, read “Fun is for Shallow People” by Myrddin. And consuls? Read “Nit-Pickers, Naggers & Tyrants, Turn Them Off or Tune Them Out,” by Connor.
Explorers: The ISTP or virtuoso (bold, antagonistic and intuitively weak experimenters), the ISFP or adventurer (flexible, charming, note terribly deep artsy types), the ESTP or entrepreneur (brazen clowns), and the ESFP (spontaneous, judge people by their covers). All explorers should read “Assholes: A Theory” by James. 
Good luck everybody.