Dear Jon, Are You Alive?

Everyone mourned at the end of the last nail-biting episode of Season 5. We had our handsome hero Jon Snow literally stabbed dozens of times and left for dead, betrayed and despised. Outrageous bloody conclusion for our handsome hero, right? 
Not so fast. Some hawk-eyed fans looked at the last season 6 of Game of Thrones’ trailer and declared that Jon Snow is actually alive and riding a horse.
In the trailer, a man with long hair is seen in a blurry background riding a white horse in the midst of battle. But wait. The picture is too blurry to make out any definition or detail so we really cannot determine if it is Snow. In fact, the trailer might just be a ruse; will Jon appear in another fashion and how?
Many speculative fans point out that The Red Woman, Melisandre (played by Carice van Houten) could be instrumental in bringing Jon back with black magic as she has mentioned being keen on his talents. Others believe that Jon will return in the form of his direwolf, Ghost. Yet others have mentioned that he could just be back in flashbacks and dreams, or most intriguingly as a Whitewalker, as the books have hinted with a character that once was a guard of the Night’s Watch. 

Everyone is certain, regardless of how he will return, that Jon was spotted repeatedly this last year in Belfast, at the filming spots for the upcoming season. So we are almost positive he returns, it’s just a matter of how alive he will be, how present, how consistent and how sexy.