When your boyfriend leaves the toilet seat up

If your boyfriend keeps leaving the toilet seat up, even after you’ve requested politely, nagged, berated and screamed for him to put it down, then there is only one solution: change his frame of mind. You have to first ask yourself “why is he leaving the toilet seat up?”

The following are some of the reasons why this problem continues to persist and the most acceptable solutions for each reason:

**He doesn’t hear you.** This is a common problem among boyfriends. The second you ask him to do something his ears shut off. It’s not your fault, but he will never listen so stick super glue on the bottom of the seat. There’s no other way.

**He thinks you’re a dog.** He can’t see you as a real person. You are his bitch. He thinks the world of you but only if you do what your told and never bark out of line. So bark at him. Bark all the time in his face. This should get his attention.

**He doesn’t understand what a toilet seat is.** What is a toilet seat even? Is it something girls sit on? Is it where he reads Maxim? To help him find out what a toilet seat is you have to give him incentive: put a picture of his whiny ex on the seat. He’ll definitely close the lid on her face.

**He wants the cat to feel good.** The cat drinks out of the toilet bowl. Since your boyfriend loves animals so much and wants the cat to enjoy itself then of course the seat stays up. Solution? Kill the cat.

Article published here: https://croptop.co/2016/03/22/1458657527/boyfriend-leaves-the-toilet-seat-up-solutions