Everything in the world’s horrible now, not like the good old days

Everything in the world’s horrible now, not like the good old days of black plague, atomic bombs, Holodomor, Khmer Rouge and crusades. It’s all so horrible today, what with cell phones and social media tyrants, that it is imperative we take a look back at the golden ages and address what will Make The World Great Again.
Khmer Rouge: That was a magical time; anywhere from 1-3 million people died, but maybe they cleansed out the “non-pure” people like they wanted? Trump has learned from the Khmer Rouge, maybe we should too.
Holodomor was the golden age of man-made famine in the Ukrainian Society Socialist Republic in 1932-33. It killed 2.5-7.5 million Ukrainians but it made Stalin totally happy. Time for another Holodomor?
I don’t know, maybe we need another quaint WWII. They say 78 million people died but tanks and radar were invented. Carrier pigeons with mini-backpacks were a thing, too.
The venerable Black Plague of the 1340s killed a bewildering 75-200 million people but scientists have stressed that humans evolve when confronted with fatal diseases and are likely to have less autoimmune disorders. More Black Plague and less Obamacare is what I say.
And then there were the bygone days of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that really heated a lot of people up, but they also may be the reason Japan has a lot of cherry blossoms now. Ash really makes plants grow like crazy. So more atomic bombs it is.
Article here- https://croptop.co/2016/03/17/1458221904/what-were-the-good-old-days-disease-plague-death