The rest of the world has some thoughts on Donald Trump

I asked some Twitter friends abroad about what they thought about American politics right now – Donald Trump in particular. This is some of what they had to say:
“Trump is evolving like the circus in Ray Bradbury’s SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES. Without the magnificent words. Without the sense of wonder. Just the growing humour into horror.” -@FrogAvalanche, Australia

“I think the election is being treated like a reality TV show and Trump is the class clown. People enjoy watching him being entertaining; he’s the ultimate showman and this whole election has been one hilarious, giant meme.” -@KatieBurnett, Australia

“At first it was a joke, but the fact that he is now basically the leading Republican candidate is unbelievable and to be truthful, scary, can you imagine if a racist, self-centred, self absorbed man like Trump actually got elected?! :/ ” -@5hael, Australia

“My perception of Trump is that he’s racist, doesn’t support women, and was once on a popular reality show where he fired lots of people. I find it strange that he has so many supporters.” -@jakob_huber, Canada

“The people: we need someone in office who best represents our interests and beliefs. Trump: I’m super racist and I can’t form complete sentences but I get away with it because I inherited billions of dollars. Low income Americans: I RELATE TO THIS.” -@thatdutchperson, The Netherlands

“It’s like watching an unstoppable oil refinery fire in slow motion or watching an ant colony devouring itself. … Donald Trump seems like America’s racist uncle who has a chance at being in charge because he has enough buddies at the bowling club.” -@aka_fatman, Australia
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