Donald Trump receives honorary Croptop Supervillain Award

Forget the Oscars. We are excited to announce that Donald Trump is the first recipient of the Croptop Supervillain Award. It isn’t a little gold man, but it is an honor that doesn’t require material wealth for someone who is already financially distended: “part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich.”
Pretending to be Batman but exhibiting the traits of a supervillain – money, dirty hands, tunnel vision and ruthlessness – Trump has denied claims that he is a supervillain, yet he continues to quack like Doctor Doom. When asked why he quacks he just throws his cash in the air. Like Doctor Evil he is carefully calculated about his brand and yearns to appear as backward (quoting Mussolini) and racist (pardoning the KKK) as supervillainly possible.

 And he is never without minions. Owen Burnett was secretary/valet/butler to David Xanatos in Gargoyles. The Joker had Miss Harley Quinn. Kabuto is Orochmaru’s sidekick from Naruto. Trump has the entirety of uneducated America.
Marvel is in awe of Trump because he encompasses all their supervillains. Remember the Dark Phoenix? Jean Grey as fallen angel. Without Zoloft, Trump’s tyrannical downfall would be very Dark Phoenix. In Axis, Red Skull seized Professor X’s brain, stole his psychic abilities and conquered part of the world (he wishes he were Obama). And like Ultron, Trump is a computerized consciousness with a vibranium body. But while he can’t wholly be destroyed, he is the infomercial variety of supervillain and he can be stopped. 

And if he isn’t, we’ll witness Humpty Trumpty’s inevitable fall from grace’s Mexican wall as he cracks his vibranium and implodes.
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