A look into the future of Rupert Murdoch’s National Geographic as the National Enquirer

We’ve read National Geographic since we were tots – well, National Geographic Kids anyway. And we’ve collected some of the vintage copies. Maybe you spent a few months in college talking about how you were going to one day work for National Geographic. Perhaps you have a couple of its coffee table books.

The National Geographic Society has been around for 128 years and the magazine has been an established nonprofit educational and scientific publication for 127 years. It has now only been a matter of months since Rupert Murdoch, the 85-year-old CEO of 21st Century Fox and journalistic Mussolini, who is routinely mystified by climate change and science, bought National Geographic and it has made its subtle but undeniable transition into the National Enquirer. For a real awareness of the regression of this publication, here is a look at some of the articles, past and future, to grace the pages of our beloved magazine:

“First Explorers on the Moon” (December 1969)

“Along Afghanistan’s War-Torn Frontier” (June 1985)


“Saving Energy: It Starts at Home” (March 2009)

“The First American” (January 2015)

“Poisoned by Too Much Botox!” (May 2016)

“Elvis’ 7 Secret Love Children” (June 2016)

Tom Brady Gay Shocker” (July 2016)

“It’s Not Brad’s Baby!” (August 2016)

“What Did Darwin Know, Anyway?” (September 2016)

Can’t wait to see what Rupert will come up with next. He says he’s not worried about global warming, so why should we worry about the future of National Geographic? It’s in the greasy hands of a media empire and that’s what matters.

[Original article also published here: https://croptop.co/2016/04/07/1460037627/national-geographic-owner-rupert-murdoch%5D