It doesn’t take cool leather pants to find love (and other lessons)

Using a phone for emergencies like Googling the number of light years between earth and Betelgeuse is necessary sometimes, but a significant other who won’t immediately throw the phone on the floor to sweep you off your feet and make you feel like Baby in Dirty Dancing is not the type of guy you want to make a significant part of your life.
You can play games to get someone’s attention, but they either love you or they don’t. If you get pregnant thinking that your baby is going to keep you together or manipulate him with crocodile tears and sad stories you are a fool. 

Since most people not only have nothing to say in modern texting, relying instead on the glamour of slang, acronyms and abbreviations, like “bia im 2 drunk wur u at,” something as simple as a handwritten “you were the first person I thought about this morning” makes a subtle impression.

It was love at first signs of thermonuclear warfare: Don’t fall in love with a crisis. If you have fallen in love with someone who needs to be fixed, saved from a mental ward or picked up out of a cardboard box then you may be more in love with the idea of being a nurse.

Grease is my favorite movie about having to become ultra cool in leather pants in order for your true love to realize you’re worth it: Luckily it’s a movie. No one should fall in love with you after you have redeemed yourself with cool pants. Real love exists whether you’re wearing slick leather or a trash bag.
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