all of the good feelings between us got cloudy and i couldn’t figure out why. i ended up looking at his email and after a week of fighting i figured it out. we were both dreamers. let’s go to antarctica. let’s go to iceland. now he was dreaming with his baby daughter’s mom about moving in and having a family. the dream shifted.


it was all my dream to begin with, where we met in the desert and i brought him back to my home and we talked about a family and kids. that was hilarious because it was just drunk fun but i take everything seriously. he read over my shoulder and i am just this wet blanket. he has a family and a dream and a daughter. i just have a couple dreams and nothing to tie them together.


meet someone else. someone who can be there for you. that’s not for everybody. he pities me. i want to be desired and loved and here he pities me.