Nothing is a big deal if you’re a cloud giant.


Nothing is a big deal if you’re a cloud giant. This is not the same thing as a giant cloud. A cloud giant is a giant race that believes itself superior to all other giants (except perhaps for storm giants). They live in the clouds and they eat clouds and when they cry they send rain to the Northwest and the Amazon.

Cloud giants are probably superior to fire giants (a militaristic and narrow-minded faction of giants), and are definitely superior to hill giants (a selfish giant inhabiting all the hilly regions, and usually chaotically evil and prone to outbursts of egotistical rants about celebrity culture and resentful emotional disturbances).

Cloud giants are good friends with storm giants and rarely encounter but occasionally enjoy the company of the shy and somewhat evil frost giant.

Cloud giants are good and smart. They don’t think they are superior naturally, but are likely better in their own awareness of not being the best.

The best awareness that occurs to an adult cloud giant is the awareness that nothing is a big deal. This awareness occurs sometime between the ages of 18 and 25, and just as the ego recedes into the late-20s the cloud giant learns to see that not only is everything rather small compared to their own fluffy cloud form, but that everything is in fact no big deal, even the cloud giant him or her self. No big deal. Nothing. Nope.