About a Certain Look

Some people have this look in their eyes like they have seen a lot and they don’t trust many people, or believe in the world. They look resigned and almost at peace, and wise to what they know. But what they know varies. This look could be from living in a place and understanding it and all of the people in it. But this place could be no bigger than a small town, or a job, and a family, and a few friends. This is the world through which all of this face has been carved into resignation that this is all there is. That everyone else has grown and developed relationships elsewhere that have roots and ties and that there is no chance to leave one world for the other. And this face gets more entrenched in its all knowingness. But I think this face is false. This wisdom is limited, and it comes from a transient sphere of experiences that will dissipate, like all of the other spheres, until new relationships are built, and roots found, and ties knotted.