Things that make life worth living.

The taste of pot smoke in my mouth.


The first awareness that you have a crush on someone and the brightness that lends your day.
Knowing that you are the most special part of someone else’s life.
Traveling with just a backpack and a camera in a new place and deciding what you want to do and what country you want to experience each morning.
Getting muddy or skiing and being cold and then jumping in a hot bath.
Listening to old records.
Getting lost in the Met.
Street hotdog stands.
A good comedy show.
Back massages that lead to sex.
Getting lost in the woods.
A great concert.
Double features.
Nana’s stories on the porch swing.
Star showers.
Dive bars that allow dogs.
Adventure time.
Sunny bookstore corners.
Getting lost in a good book and forgetting what day it is.
Ethiopian veggie combo.
Dark rooms.
My dog.
The ocean.
Riding a bike on a sunny warm day.
Live folk music with a good beer.
Um, writing random thoughts and sharing them with you guys.