Excerpt from a girly conversation in a Berkeley cafe at night…

I think your end should be funny, your conclusion should be funny.
How many words is it? 800?
It’s like ok, I really like that idea, it’s so funny because it’s totally true.
(All the other kids have them).
(My back is killing me).
Lazy and never succeed. To become a leader.
Is this the bible? Love is patient, love is kind, it is never deceitful or mean…
Sounds like a Hallmark card.
Oh my god. That needs to happen.
I love that. That is so fucking funny.
Go for Paul or Michael.
Go for Michael. Paul is so gay.
No go for Paul.
Is he smart though?
He would like be on the edge.
You guys are edgy.
I look edgy to you?
Don’t ever call me edgy.
I wrote a personal essay once like “I wish I was edgy.”
I don’t know Paul, I don’t know Paul.
Paul is the most uncool guy I have ever met.
He’s kind of in the ballpark so that he isn’t completely ostracized. (laughter).
I think you’d like that.
You guys could be __ part two, the professor couple.
You know we’re all lacking in artistic talent, and were not very coordinated.
We need to go to the next Baltimore event.
Minnesota. Where is that one? St. Paul.
I’d rather go to Minneapolis than St. Paul.
I have like no friends, I’m like Billy Holmes.