contexts and associations

But if I’m going to be sentimental might as well get it out there:
I miss that special glimmer in someone’s eye when they think you’re special…and I’m struggling to stop associating things to previous things. I met another Adam cashier at Whole Foods today. I just had gotten off of the phone with Urs who is moving to Portland, and I bought groceries, waiting for the 20 bus which would take me a block form my home. SO I picked up some cheese and pizza and my first 6-pack of beer in awhile and went through this guy Adam’s aisle, and he flirted and I asked for quarters and he gave me five dollars instead of ten and paused briefly with the roll in mid strike for the counter top because of this noticeable fear of the outcome of the strike. And I said, ah, yes once a cashier here open a roll for me and the quarters went flying embarrassing the cashier, and he said, Ah yes that was him. And I knew then it was! And he had declared he’d remember me from that day on because he’d asked my name, and now there was this connection. You know it takes a certain special glimmer in the eyes, and it’s rare. But it’s fun to be a flirt, don’t you know